Work With Me

I believe that we all have infinite potential. Sometimes we need someone to remind us.

My mission is to help you tap into that potential so you can see your own power to create a life you love.

When you are living with more joy and love that positively affects your relationships, your children and your communities. Life becomes more fulfilling, more satisfying and more meaningful.

Here’s How We Can Work Together:


My coaching philosophy is this: I am here to help you see what’s possible for yourself and to remind you of it when you forget. I help you get clear on what you really want and how you’re currently showing up in life. We get real on how that’s working for you.  We work on … Continue reading Coaching

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Bringing Baby Home: A Relationship Workshop for Expecting Couples and New Parents Bringing Baby Home is an evidence-based and research-tested program that gives couples proven ways to maintain a satisfying relationship and positive marriage after baby is born. Your Marriage is Important to You.  It can stay that way, even after baby is born. No … Continue reading Bringing Baby Home Workshop