Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Bringing Baby Home workshop:

When should we take the class?
You can take the class any time during your pregnancy, though we recommend avoiding a session too close to your due date. You can also take the class after your baby is born. Please register as far in advance as possible since class size is limited.
Should I take the class before or after we have our baby?
The class is designed to take before your baby is born, but the content is still very valuable even after you’ve had your baby. In fact, as a new parent you may come to the class with a different perspective and specific questions in mind.
Can we bring our baby to class?
You are welcome to bring babies that are not mobile, so up to about 5 months of age. We do our best to make you comfortable but please bring any supplies you’d need to care for baby throughout the class.
We are a same-sex couple. Is this class still be relevant to our situation?
Absolutely. The skills and techniques taught in this workshop apply to couples of all types. We are careful with how we present the material to make everyone feel welcomed.
Can we take the class even is this is not our first baby?
Of course! Attendees have found the material useful even if it’s not their first baby.
Will we learn how to diaper and care for our baby?
No. This is not an infant care class. Please read the program description carefully for more about what to expect.
Can I attend without my partner?
No. This class is designed for both partners to attend together. There are numerous exercises and opportunities for discussion that will only be of benefit if done as a couple.
Can we attend just one of the days?
No. The workshop curriculum is designed as a whole and each section builds the foundation for the following sections. There is 12 hours of teaching time and each day provides opportunities to implement what you’ve learned the previous days.
Note about class times/dates: Please note that currently classes are scheduled over three days: Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. Class times and additional details are on the registration page.
Is lunch provided?
No. Snacks and light refreshments are provided each day. On Saturday we’ll have an hour lunch break and you can visit one of the many nearby restaurants. If weather permits, you are welcome to return with your lunch and eat at one of the picnic tables on the grounds of the Unity Church of the Hills.
Please reach out to me if you have any other questions or concerns.
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