Create a Year You Love: How Satisfied Are You?

“Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.”

Les Brown

Each day this week I’m sharing bits of my own end-of-year goal setting process along with a few of my favorite coaching tools.

Whether you do these exercises now or over the next couple of weeks, this is your invitation to take a moment for yourself, get intentional, reflect on the past year and envision what’s next. 

Give yourself this gift. It’s how to make the results you want to see in your life inevitable.

On Monday, I shared how evaluating brings awareness which is the most important first step. 

Yesterday, you learned that focusing on the who makes a bigger impact than figuring out the how.

Today I offer you a downloadable worksheet that gives you a crystal clear snapshot of your life right now and what would make it amazing! This is the basis for the goals you create.

Let’s go!


The Wheel of Life assesses your life satisfaction. You’ll see the areas that are out of balance and use it to prioritize where to focus your attention.

This particular worksheet, created for my clients, goes even deeper with space to reflection on each area of your life and what your life would be like if you were totally satisfied.

The Wheel of Life can be very eye opening. I invite you to explore it with self-compassion, open heartedness and lovingkindness. 

Please let me know how it resonates with you and your insights from doing the exercise. Were there any surprises?

I need you to know that those 10s are not out of reach. They are not for you someday. You can start feeling that way about your life now. You can start creating that in your life now. You just need to decide.

Coaching helps you get there so much faster and with way more fun! My clients have the results to prove it.

Reach out to me for a free consult and let’s talk about where you want to be and how to make it a reality. 

Tomorrow you’ll give yourself some gift goals and I’ll show you how to make it easy!

Happy Holidays and wishing you a very satisfying New Year!

With so much love,

Published by allisonburch

Hi there! As a Gottman Certified Educator, I love helping new families navigate the transition to parenthood and supporting them as they create a life they love. I get to live the dream in Austin, Texas with my big-hearted husband and two extroverted boys, where we get to put Gottman's techniques to use daily.

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